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Philippines Elections: “Politicians Hire Me to Spr
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"I see myself as They are trolls Collect the “Snakehead” and “Knight” symbols to enter the feature. before the newสมัครสมาชิกสล็อตrotation The snake will move towards the knight symbol. If the snake reaches the knight It would then eat the knight, causing the snake to grow longer. In which the snake's body becomes a Wild symbol in every square and a new spin will begin. or come out to talk about politics. I'm a social media marketing consultant.”

The pseudonym Jon is part of an industry that may play a key role in the election of the next president of the Philippines.

He said he works almost every day from 10 a.m. to 3 a.m., running hundreds of Facebook pages. and fake profiles for the benefit of his clients which are politicians and voters

He said his clients included governors, members of parliament and mayors.

This Monday, Filipinos Eligible to Vote will go out and elect the next president Along with the election of officials at the lower level to many more This is the first presidential election. Since Rodrigo Duterte won in 2016, an election victory critics say as a result of the support of a large number of fake news.

Election observers and false information experts say This situation hasn't gotten any better since then. And it might even get worse.

untrue information system
Jon is part of a system of dissemination of false information. He says he has about 30 "trolls" working directly for him. their goal is Increasing customer support Despite having to publish a story that was not true, he said he had been working unattended for years. Sometimes they search for what they call "Skeleton in a cupboard", which means digging out embarrassing stories that opponents want to cover up, but many times they come up with their own.

"In 2013, we spread fake news in one of the provinces that I oversee," he said of creating an attack against his clients' competitors. “We got the phone number of a high-ranking politician. and bring it to photoshop Then send a text message that pretends to It was a text from his phone number saying he was looking for a concubine. Finally, my client won.
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Forum Strona Główna ť Красная Армия ť Philippines Elections: “Politicians Hire Me to Spr
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