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One factor that prevents us from being in good shape
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One factor that prevents usxo walletfrom There is no need to rush to score because Slotxo is a game that players have to play calmly. Don't stress it too much, spin the slot with peace of mind. be conscious every time Place a bet, that's why we recommend it to you. Don't need to use The Auto Spin button is strictly prohibited, it is best to press it manually. being in good shape is that we are afraid of eating carbs, afraid of eating, and afraid of eating fruits.

I recently saw a sales/promotion page that has millions of followers. Invite people who want to lose weight to try not to eat flour, white rice and fruit at all. I have seen many doctors and I know recommending not to eat rice or flour to lose weight. I saw that, I was very frustrated and in a lot of pain. The more people blame the flour, blame the rice for making it fat, causing many people to fear eating carbohydrates. I'm very afraid of eating fruit like crazy. (But I'm not afraid of really high-calorie things like sweets, cakes, sweets, sausages, etc.)

I would say to lose fat make a better figure You don't have to eat rice, don't eat flour, don't eat noodles, don't eat fruit. Recent research compares low-carb diets to balanced carbs in the case of calorie-deficit and high-protein diets. Gives no difference in fat loss results in the long run Because the most important aspect of fat loss is that Calories Deficit uses more energy than eating in. by eating a moderately high protein No matter what form you eat, you can lose fat.

When you are afraid of eating carbs to build muscle, it is difficult because you can't exercise fully. The motivation to build muscle is less. The energy to build more muscles is not enough. If you want to lose fat, you don't have the energy to exercise fully. little metabolism Increased tendency to lose muscle during weight loss Plus enough to eat too little carbs. appetite is also higher In the end, I ate a lot during the weekend anyway. ended up being fatter than before It also has the effect of making the next fat loss more difficult as well.

if you want to lose fat have a better figure The thing that needs to be done is not to not eat flour or rice, but to do these things.

1. Have a definite eating pattern regularly every day I don't use it today. I have plenty of time. Eat 4 meals. I'm busy today. Eat 1-2 meals. I don't have a definite eating pattern.

2. Choose to eat food by focusing on complete nutrients, including carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals, not just choosing what you want to eat or choosing to eat mainly based on taste.

3. Choose to eat more protein and vegetables. If we do not choose to eat Most of the food you eat provides very little protein and vegetables.

4. Eat well, but the nutrients are still good. No need to eat clean, eat fresh until the body is stressed. Appetite for food, longing for food until the end of Saturday - Sunday.

5. Exercise appropriately according to the strength of each person regularly. Most of the people who couldn't lose fat had very low movement during the day. This makes the daily energy consumption very little.

6. Have good weight training at least 2-3 times a week.

7. Don't do anything too weird. Always do what we already know. can do Although that day we do not want to make any excuses. When we get past our excuses We will definitely see improvements.

Hopefully this article will make us not afraid of eating carbs. And make us get closer to the goals that each person has intended.

P.S. The picture is my 3 meals of rice, excluding vegetables, fruit and whey smoothies in the morning. High protein milk + snacks as a snack.
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Forum Strona Główna ť Красная Армия ť One factor that prevents us from being in good shape
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