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Forum Strona Główna ť Красная Армияť The war in Donbas is still raging. Ukraine fears losing more
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The war in Donbas is still raging. Ukraine fears losing more
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The war in Donbas is stillดาวน์โหลด SLOTXOraging. Ukraine gambling games thekingslotxo com direct website unlimited withdrawal Play via mobile without having to go to the casino The best quality website, the number 1 hottest in Thailand, with 24 hours service. We have included online slot games that are easy to break, pay for real, for everyone to play here. Each game has been updated to increase the win multiplier up to X15, called a multiplier. special like you fears losing more cities
Fighting situation between Ukrainian soldiers and Russian soldiers In the eastern region of Ukraine is still harsh. in the midst of worry that there may be another loss of the city

Foreign news agencies reported from Kiev, Ukraine, on July 3 that Olexi Arestovic, adviser to President Volodymyr Zelensky, described the fighting situation in the city. Licensingsk which is another large city of Luhansk province and is close to the city of Sivirodonetsk. The last large Ukrainian military stronghold in the Donbas region. East but only recently became the possession of the Russian army. It is still under intense tension, but insists that Lisichchansk remains an area of ​​influence for the Kiev government.

The fighting intensified in the city of Lisichansk. It happened after a few days before. The Russian Army conducted air strikes on several targets. in the city of Odessa which is the third largest city in Ukraine And it is also the location of the country's largest naval base. As a result, at least 21 people have died.

In addition, the Russian army withdrew its troops from Snake Island. which is a small island located in the Black Sea Off the coast of southern Ukraine "As a sign of goodwill," the Moscow government had never intended to obstruct the United Nations' (UN) efforts to establish a humanitarian pathway. to allow the grain to be re-exported from Ukrainian ports The Kiev government announced that "It was a success" in driving the enemy out of this island.
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Forum Strona Główna ť Красная Армия ť The war in Donbas is still raging. Ukraine fears losing more
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