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roller coaster crash in a German amusement park At least 34
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Two roller coasters collided at a SLOTXOegoland theme park in Germany, injuring at least 34 people, in a second incident less than a week after a 57-year-old woman died off the roller coaster. In another theme park in Germany

On August 12, 2022, AP reported citing German media that Two roller coasters collide at a theme park in southern Germany. As a result, at least 34 people were injured, two of them in severe condition.

The incident happened at Legoland theme park in Gunzburg, Bavaria, at about 2 p.m. local time when two trains aboard a fire dragon roller coaster collided. The police said that The accident happened when one of the trains stopped. and the train in the back didn't brake to the end. causing it to collide with the train

At the time of the accident, three helicopters were sent to the scene. and called the rescue and fire brigade to help. It wasn't immediately clear how the mistake happened.

The AP also reported that last week A woman died in a roller coaster accident at an amusement park in the southwestern German city of Klotten, when the 57-year-old fell from a roller coaster while in motion and died from her injuries. And the cause of the accident has not been identified.

ABC News reported that a local police spokesman confirmed that At least 31 people were injured, including one critically. 16 people were taken to hospital, while 15 were assessed on-site and allowed to return home.

Among the injured were 10 children, a teenager and 20 adults.

Legoland officials in Germany said 38 people were on the roller coaster. and all passengers were removed from the roller coaster. which will remain closed at this time

The prosecutor's office in Memmingen is investigating the cause of the accident and investigators will investigate the scene again today.
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Forum Strona Główna ť Красная Армия ť roller coaster crash in a German amusement park At least 34
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