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food to reduce odor "Hidden spots" of women
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A problem that most women areสมัครสมาชิก SLOTXOrecommend. We offer scg9. Offer a lot. The bishop is easy to use every day. Excellent. The hottest money making website right now. Ready at Will be seasoned and everyone who wants to play slotxo can play ... this time. embarrassed about and don't dare to talk to or consult with others. is an unpleasant smell in a hidden spot or what people say that smells like sister Let's learn how to prevent and fix the hidden smell problem from the advice of Japanese dietitian Mizutsuki Ohara.

Causes of unpleasant odors in hidden spots
Sweating, menstruation and vaginal discharge
The hidden point is the center of driving things. out of the body such as urine, menstruation, vaginal discharge, including sweat, which if neglected to clean, may cause bacteria and causing an unpleasant odor Therefore, it should be kept clean on a regular basis. And if you are in your menstrual period, you should change your sanitary napkins often.

increasing age
There are many types of good bacteria that are found in hidden areas to help maintain the natural cleanliness of the body. But when you get older, tiredness, insufficient sleep and hormonal imbalances during or near menopause will result in a weakening of good bacteria become bacteria that cause unpleasant odors

too frequent cleaning
The good bacteria live in the epidermis of the intimate area. which helps prevent bad bacteria Washing your intimate area too often will wash away the good bacteria from the epidermis. This results in an increase in the number of bad bacteria. Therefore, it should not be washed too often. Also, when washing, use soap bubbles for hidden areas, especially gently wash.

How to Prevent Unpleasant Smells from Hidden Places with Food
Important principles for preventing unpleasant odors at the hidden spots. is to maintain the balance of good and bad bacteria It must start from taking care of the balance of bacteria throughout the body, especially the intestines. Here are some foods that should be eaten regularly to help maintain the balance of both types of bacteria:

Potatoes are rich in dietary fiber that is delivered to the intestines without being digested. And it is food for the good bacteria in the intestines. To create a good environment in the intestines to the hidden point

Japanese pickles
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Pickles are rich in lactic acid, bacteria, and dietary fiber, which improves gut health. It also helps in the matter of excretion as well.

Miso is rich in lactic acid bacteria, which increase the number of good bacteria in the gut. The fiber in miso also helps absorb fat, which is food for bad bacteria, from the gut.

Fruits, vegetables and foods rich in dietary fiber
Fruits and vegetables, including mushrooms and seaweed, are rich in dietary fiber, which helps prevent constipation. and make the body excrete waste through feces well

Foods that should be avoided to prevent unpleasant odors at the hidden spots.
ice cream
mostly when stressed Not many people eat ice cream. The high sugar and fat content in ice cream creates an unpleasant odor at the base. Also, the coldness of ice cream lowers body temperature and increases the number of bad bacteria due to the weakening of the immune system.

Do not eat foods with strong smells, such as large quantities of garlic. The smell of garlic is excreted from the body through sweat. This may be the smell that has accumulated in the hidden spots.

If you take care and follow the instructions above, the unpleasant smell will not go away. should consult a doctor to get oral herbal medicine and should avoid buying liquids to clean by yourself Because washing too often can destroy good bacteria. until resulting in a more intense odor
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