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Original experience of the new era,A shoe which is good for
PostWysłany: Sob Wrz 11, 2021 6:51 am Odpowiedz z cytatem
Dołączył: 11 Wrz 2021
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"The vans old skool donna is titled the “Factory Floor.” This special colorway is inspired by the original Vans factory in California and the huge amount of fabric scraps that covered the floors. The shoe is constructed from the modern day factories’ scraps, covering the shoe in a patchwork of different patterns, colors, and materials. The size? Old Skool “Factory Floor” features orange suede toes and yellow suede heels, though this appears to be the only similarity between the shoes. Each pair is different than the last, and each shoe within each pair is different as well.
Japanese brand Neighborhood and Vans are reuniting this year, teaming up for the first time since they worked together with Mr. Cartoon in Summer 2020. This time around, the two are ditching their usual three-way collaboration, opting instead to hash out the latest project between the two of them. For their latest work, Vans and the NBHD team are focusing on two classics, the Era and vans sk8 hi bianche, though they will be using the the ComfyCush iterations of each style, the most modernized, technologically advanced versions of the essential Vans silhouettes.
Vans’ massive array of footwear allows the California brand plenty of space to reinterpret various styles as they see fit, like this week’s surprise release of the classic Authentic silhouette in a new needlepoint construction. Originally known as the vans scarpe uomo offerta, the Authentic is beloved around the world for its simple style and unobtrusive comfort. For this limited-edition release, the solid canvas upper has been removed in favor of a woven needlepoint build, with a special floral pattern mixed in throughout the uppers of each shoe.
Vans’ classic sneakers are often utilized by the brand’s collaborators vans outlet online as a blank canvas to spin in a unique design, but the latest project from Japan’s Bedwin & The Heartbreakers goes even further, reconstructing the shoes in paisley bandanas for a new collection.Japanese menswear label Bedwin & The Heartbreakers has been crafting high quality clothing inspired by traditional American menswear. The brand’s collections often fuse Japanese design with more Western styling, particularly focusing on Americana from the 1920’s and ’30s, along with an infusion of modern streetwear."

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Forum Strona Główna ť WIETNAM - Reenactors POL-NAM ť Original experience of the new era,A shoe which is good for
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