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Choosing The Subjects Of Research Work Of Students
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The choice of the topic of student scientific work begins with the analysis of contradictions in the studied area of knowledge and the definition of objective problems in science, production, society. Then it is necessary to establish the relevance, novelty and intended results of the conducted research and, on their basis, formulate an approximate topic.


In general, the process of defining the topics of students' scientific work involves posing a problem, identifying a presumptive area of research and its relevance. To deal with writing faster, you can opt to pay someone to write my paper instead of doing it on your own. The research topic must meet the following requirements:
  • relevance, supported by quantitative and qualitative data on the state of the industry;
  • scientific novelty, that is, the absence of existing works with a similar formulation of the problem;
  • availability of the necessary material and technical base in the case of experimental work;
  • compliance with the inclinations and level of training of the student.


As a rule, the topics of coursework have already been formulated by the teaching departments, and the student just needs to choose from the general list the one that best reflects his area of interest. In rare cases, the topic can be adjusted on the recommendation of the supervisor.


The topic of the final qualification works of bachelors, masters and graduate students is approved individually, depending on the scientific interests of the student and his leader, the specialization of the teaching department, the methodological features of the scientific school within which the research is carried out.


Further work on the study involves the collection and processing of information. Experienced editors working on often come in handy for this step. Sources of materials for scientific research can be primary sources (documents, memoirs, photographs, patents, etc.), secondary information resources (scientific literature, abstracts and dissertations, articles in periodicals), as well as empirical data. The result of preliminary work on the selection of the necessary material will be the compilation of a bibliographic list.


Research work of teachers: selection of materials and topics


Pedagogical research, depending on the focus, is divided into fundamental, applied and methodological. The first are aimed at developing general concepts, systematizing pedagogical achievements, and modeling pedagogical processes and systems. The latter solve practice-oriented problems related to the content and methods of teaching, training specialists, and assessing the quality of the pedagogical process. The solution of specific practical problems is reflected in the development of manuals, guidelines, textbooks, etc.


The choice of a topic depends on the scope of the study, its type and the specifics of the problem. If the scope is overwhelming, find a professional to take my class and spend more time on working with it. So, the topic of pedagogical development can be associated with the creation of a methodological system, an author's course, the development of algorithms, rules and teaching aids. In turn, the title of fundamental research should be succinct, clear and reflect the essence of the proposed concept. The materials of pedagogical research are diverse and include, in addition to literary and documentary sources, oral sources (lectures, conference materials, speeches, reports, etc.), folk and family traditions of upbringing, as well as the personal experience of a teacher.


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